Artist Statement 

Barbara Moody

My paintings hover exactly between representation and abstraction, where sparks of familiarity coexist with areas of ambiguity.  In each environment, a few elements jump into focus while other parts dissolve into pure color, light, and space.  This coexistence reflects the essence and mystery of nature.

My process involves using unconventional tools (squeegees, rollers) with acrylics to create multilayered environments. As each painting progresses, I gradually tease out elements of realism from the chaos. 

Painting, for me, is like an excavation site. As I develop layers of line and color and idea, some images are buried and new ones emerge. During the process, I discover relationships between the disparate clues, each one a delightful surprise.

Although my work sometimes appears diverse in style and content, each body of work may comprise up to 50 paintings or drawings. A sudden intense curiosity usually leads me from one theme to the next. Recent themes include landscape forms (both geometric and organic), interiors, ropes and knots, and animal forms.